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TLM Schola Cantorum

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Welcome! This page has been created to offer resources for members of the schola cantorum, including links to educational sites, recordings, videos and weekly information relating to the

rehearsals, Masses, liturgies and other TLM events held at Historic St. Joseph, Jacksonville.

(Feel free to contact me for assistance with using these resources.)

Motets, Antiphons and other Choral Works

  Adoramus Te Christe - Dubois

  Adoramus Te Christe - Dubois - video

  Adoremus In Aeternum - Allegri

  Adoremus In Aeternum - Allegri - video

  Jesu Rex Admirabilis - video (equal voices ssa then ttb)

                                                    (pitched in g minor)

        soprano - practice (pitched in d minor)

        alto - practice

        men - practice

  Messa Breve - Bottazzo recording

  Messa Breve - Bottazzo  - score


LENT 2024



PBC = Parish Book of Chant

CS = Cantus Selecti

   Chant Music Resources and Websites

Cantica Nova - various music resources and TLM ordo

Corpus Christi Watershed - articles, music and various resources **

Musica Sacra (CMAA) - articles, music and resources **

Sacred Music Library - Sheet Music & Books - music purchases and free downloads

Schola Gregoriana Malverniensis - music and various resources

** indicates essential sites with many resources

Chant Recording Sources & Stations

Hymn Chants - popular chants & other resources

Gregorian Chants - Classical Radio - streaming chants

Sacred Polyphony Music Station

Sacred Music FM - streaming sacred polyphony

Sacred Works - Classical Radio - streaming sacred choral - various eras

   More Sites for The Traditional Latin Mass and Traditional Worship

    ** indicates essential sites with many resources

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