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Camerata Music was established in 1995 as a mail order print music service which then became a brick and mortar music store from 1996 until 2009.

Started in Dublin, California, our print music service assisted local music teachers, community music groups, professional music ensembles and music students all over the Bay Area in finding quality music and service.

Owner and founder, Rob Lappa, began working in the print music industry for the legendary Byron Hoyt Sheet Music service in 1990 and quickly built up a knowledge of music publishers and editions, epecially piano, vocal and choral repertoire and methods.

Rob has degrees in Music Education, Piano Performance, Choral Conducting and Vocal Performance and has taught music in public schools, college and directed choirs in churches, community choruses and professional ensembles for over 35 years.

In 2021, Camerata Music reopened as an online service in historic St. Augustine, Florida, in order to fully appreciate the humidity and dew points, and to support the growing needs of manatees, alligators and cockroaches interested in careers in music.

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