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How to Use This Site


Alllow me to offer some information that will be helpful to understanding and getting the most value from this site. 

1. While this site does contain inventory, it is also a resource for finding an array of information, including music from publisher sites. It is hoped that all of you understand the importance of Copyright Laws and the danger that constantly threatens the publishing industry due to illegal photocopying. For this reason, I've included links to Public Domain sites where music that is out of copyright, or has no copyright assigned, can be printeed out for free!  It will be better to save your resources on standard works like "Für Elise" or "Hallelujah Chorus" which exist in many out of copyright editions, so that you have the option to use your money for purchasing copyrighted works that bring income to living composers and existing publishers.

2. In an age where many want orders "yesterday" and for cost, making a music service work profitably is nearly impossible. I will not be able to offer huge discounts, have all titles in stock 24/7 or get out of stock items in a few days.  Please use this site to browse and get ideas, but most importantly, try to plan ahead and allow time for items to arrive. With the exception of foreign publications or items in reprint stages, most items that have to be backordered will be shipped out in 7 to 14 days, so it always helps to plan ahead. It is also important to note that publishers and the US Post Office are operating more slowly and with more issues than before the pandemic. It may take some time for these issues to improve.

3. While some of this web site is designed to generate income, my main reason for starting up Camerata Music again was to develop a resource for all musicians, whether they are students, amateurs or professionals. In addition to offering some of my experiences and insights as a musician, I hope that in time many musicians, from both near and far, will be able to contribute to a growing database of knowledge for everyone to enjoy.

4. Please take advantage of the Music Resources pages provided in this site. I will do my best to post concerts, workshops and other events that will be of interest to music students, music teachers and music professionals. Awareness and support of local musicians and musical events, especially in the wake of a nearly two year long pandemic, will play an important role in restoring and developing arts throughout our communities.

Your suggestions are always welcome. I very much want this site to be useful and interesting to many, especially as we face new challenges in teaching and promoting the essential works that have been at the foundation of Western Civilzation for centuries to new generations. We live in an age where the music of all previous eras is easily and quickly available to us through digital and streaming services. In some ways this immediate gratification and easy access may make us feel overwhelmed or even take things for granted. We may even lose our appetite or interest in the treasures to be found in music and other forms of art.

Stay hungry and never lose your passion for the beauty and joy that great music has to offer!


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