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How to Use This Site


     Some helpful information on getting the most out of our site!

  1. Find a Publisher that you would like to visit. We’ve made links to each publisher’s pages for their best sellers and new issues to help get you started. This will save you some time in navigating through their sites.

  2. Understanding Copyright Law is very important. Unless you obtain music from a Public Domain site, it is almost always illegal to photocopy music, for whatever use.  Even if a title is out of print, it is best to contact the publisher for permission. I have offered some Public Domain sites so that you can save your money by printing out titles like "Moonlight Sonata" and "Clair de Lune" since there are many out of copyright editions to be downloaded for free. In turn, spend your income on copyrighted music and support living composers, their estates and publishers who depend on sales for their income and are legally entitled to this income.

  3. In many sites, you can view and listen music samples. Remember that some of the music samples don’t always give the best impression of the work, especially choral and vocal titles which often use young “pop” voices and expedient styles to offer a quick sampling.

  4. Use the publisher’s search engine to see if it sorts in more detail. For example, in the Alfred site you can type in “Lawson Gould” and it will bring up all of the choral titles from this publisher that are still distributed by Alfred. Often, if you like a publisher, composer or arranger, it is a good idea to look for other titles from them.

  5. Don’t be hesitant to contact Camerata Music if you have a question or need help finding a particular piece or something similar to works that you like. In the days ahead, I will be posting pages of essential repertoire for piano, voice, choirs and instruments. I will also request lists of “favorite” and “essential” repertoire from colleagues in addition to posting publically available lists from fine music organizations so that you have access to these important resources. On our Music Resources page, you will find information on music workshops, organizations, concerts, music radio stations, music streaming sites and much more!

  6. If you decide to order from the publisher, that’s understandable, especially if you enjoy downloading. Whenever possible, we would of course appreciate your orders and will do our best to consolidate shipping and ordering promptly.  Most publishers ship form the Midwest and East Coast, so orders will get to us in a few days. Only West Coast and foreign publishers will take more time and possibly require extra cost for faster shipping. Do your best to plan ahead so that you leave time for your orders to arrive.

  7. We also have a Print On Demand section on our site. If you place orders through our links, we will get a small percentage of every sale that you print. Currently, Alfred and Hal Leonard have the largest selection, best quality and most options for printing out thousands of classical and popular titles for all instruments and even full choral, band and orchestral arrangements!

  8. Thank you for taking time to explore our site. We welcome your questions and any suggestions you may have on how to make your experience here even better!


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