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Thank you for your concern regarding Nadiya's health.

On April 12th, Nadiya underwent a double mastectomy to remove an IDC tumor. The surgery was three hours long. After four hours in recovery, we were sent home. This surgery is treated as an outpatient, for whatever reasons, but we were glad to be home so that she could rest in a comfortable environment.

Her surgeons and oncologist are at Orlando Health in Orlando, FL. We were unable to find a team of surgeons in St. Augustine/Jacksonville who would all take our insurance or who were comfortable working with one another since the mastectomy and reconstruction surgeries are a team effort. It is a two hour drive to Orlando from St. Augustine, but it was well worth it since we have an excellent team helping her through this.

On April 18, we got the results from her lymph node biopsies and they were all negative. No cancer spread or metastasized, so she is clear to have the longer and more painful reconstruction surgery later this summer. Thank you for your prayers. Our greatest priority was to be sure that we did all that what we could to lower her chances for any recurrence of cancer. Her choices have put her in the lowest percentages for any further cancer related to this event.

Her surgeon told her today that they did see some pre-cancerous cells in her other breast tissue, so her difficult and painful decision to opt for the mastectomies rather than a lumpectomy and radiation has already proven to be the better choice. 

Please keep her in your prayers as she heals and prepares for a longer surgery later this year. This next surgery will require her to stay in the hospital for three days and will take twice the amount of time for recovery.

I will post more info when she is close to her second surgery, but please feel free to keep in touch with us and say "hello" to her if you have time. She is improving every day, but has time on her hands since she needs to limit her activities to assist with healing.


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